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Wholesale Italian Leather Bag Online Store in Florence

Suie Valentini - Worldwide B2B Store

We are a wholesale of leather goods, accessories and clothing, basedin Florence Italy. We serve every type of customer, from small retailers to large distributors, dedicating the right and necessary attention to each one. We put our efforts in this direction and also in the constant search for quality and fashionable products.

About Us

Our company Suie Valentini (B2B) - Wholesale bags online specializes in the production of leather bags and other leather goods under the strict "Made in Italy" brand. You can find us in Florence, in the heart of the Italian leather industry, a city famous worldwide for its renowned craftsmanship.

In our wholesale bag store, you can also order leather belts, wallets, washed bags, shoulder bags, work bags, men's shoulder bags, handbags, backpacks, and duffel bags...

Wholesale Bags Online - How We Produce

Our company produces bags and other leather goods mainly using various types of leather such as leather, dollar, wild, suede print, and suede, all exclusively Made in Italy. From the finest leathers, we create individual pieces to make our Suie Valentini products.

The leathers we use for our production are mostly processed and tanned in Tuscany, carefully and manually following traditional leather craftsmanship techniques typical of the area. They are then assembled and sewn using the wisdom and experience that only the best traditional leather craftsmanship can guarantee to ensure high quality.

Suie Valentini Wholesale bags online are available in different colors: you can choose from the ones we offer or request a personalized color according to your taste by simply contacting us. We sell exclusively wholesale, therefore, to view the prices of our products and the shopping cart, you need to register on the website.

Why Choose Suie Valentini Products

Our products are handmade with passion, care, and ancient knowledge; they are of high quality, proudly Made in Italy, and customizable according to the specific requests of our clients.

We offer an excellent value for money, constantly updating our product range and colors.

Thanks to our production network, we are able to meet the needs of individual stores, chain stores, and wholesalers, making Suie Valentini products sold worldwide.

Register now on our website and contact us for more information or to submit your request.

Our Mission

Our primary objective is to help you in your goals, whatever they may be, we are always available to dialogue, to listen to your requests. Because it is not a simple supplier-customer relationship, but a long-term relationship between collaborators of a common or shared project.

The Designers

Our designers tirelessly work onthe unique design of our products. With experience and love, our stylists will create new and unrepeatable collections for you. Remaining faithful to the unique style of our brand.


We develop our models always following strictest production standards.
The making process starts from a draft of the initial idea written by hand and then developed with a 3D design software.
The model is then printed to create the first prototype.
In final phase, changes are made to obtain the definitive version of the model, often rebuilding various prototypes, before reaching our desired product.


We select the best leathers and materials sold on the Italian market,to offer a product of the highest quality,
resistant and long lasting.
 Our suppliers follow international standardsand we can provide certificates of origin and technical specifications of leathers to our customers,if requested.


Our fashion world adventure was born in Italy,
so Italian style is part of our dna.
 More than twenty years since we have started working in the leather manufacturing.
 Today we are proud to grow up our project
and export Made in Italy all over the world.



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